Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Soap Making Craves

Soap making sometimes are results from craves to create things.  And it's quite hard to describe why. 

From left to right : 
HerbZen V.3
Rose Goat Milk V.2
                           Herb Trio Original                             

HerbZen V.3 - thought I'd like to get a swirl from surface thru the lower portion.  It looks fine from the surface but did not go lower.  Could it be the soap mixture too thick(traced & got too thick)?  Will have to find the answer.  I put the whole mold into fridge covered with a board and still got a very light soap dust out of it.........

Rose Goat Milk with rose bud planted on top:

Soap cutting, the happy moment, as always.

There is one more batch for tomorrow.... :)

We got the first Autumn rain yesterday.  Maybe I should prepare some sea salt & herb combination for foot soak....  Oh fall & winter, soaking tub & warm drink but I'm not done for summer yet.

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