Saturday, April 28, 2012

Troubled Soap

Last October (Wow how time flies), I made 3 batches of soap.  With every soap batch, I always keep few pieces for myself or friends.  All my soaps are cured for at least a month then packed in shrink-wrap. Here are some photos back then, Herb Zen(top), Rose Goatmilk(right):

Since then these soaps have been sitting on my rack(shrink-wrapped) for over 6 months now.  Yesterday I had a peek inadvertently then shockingly found these ugly looking things on my soap.  See that white mildew around a tiny piece of petal.... I'm pretty sure they were not there while packaging.  The reason for mildew is from moisture which could be hiding in that little petal piece or actually evaporated from the soap? 

I've never had such problem with my other soaps.  I cut open the soap cause I had mixed rose petal in there and it looks normal.  Soap still smells great.  But I do notice the inner still has a bit moist.  Maybe the soap block is too thick and the moist did not completely evaporated before packaging.  After a while, the moist was released and hits wherever the mildew spore might left with the petal piece and vooola here comes the mildew.

Now here is another picture of my Herb Zen Soap.  I did have soap dust on top of the soap slab (did not spray any rubbing alcohol after pouring to mold) and wiped them off before being packaged.  After 6 months I got these things on my soap bar:
Close Up picture:
Definitely a "low" moment of soap-making :(  
Good part is that these soaps still smell wonderful & lather as they should be, despite the tiny imperfection !!


  1. Well, that's depressing! They're gorgeous anyway and I really love the shape of the bars.

  2. Bummer, sometimes soaps change in a way you weren't expecting. Even so, I think your soaps still look amazing. I love the colors in the Herb Zen soap!

    1. Thank you so much, both of you are my long time inspiring models. It's people like you who make this soap-making world so interesting. Thank you thank you!!