Sunday, October 14, 2012

Custom Soap for Cheryl

Recently I got a Etsy custom order for Cheryl, a very humorous & considerate lady and I had a lot of fun emails with her.....

Not only because I'll have my annual oversea trip in less than 2 weeks and CP (cold process) soap takes time to cure, but the eagerness to create a visual treat tickles me the most.  So in the past two days, again, at weekend, I was designing my "friendship cake".

I want it to be colorful and meaningful at the same time;besides it has to represent what I always want for my soap - natural ingredients.  Here are pictures of the process:

Start with very bottom (Base 1), mixture with Cocoa Powder

Base 2, Ginger Powder & Poppy Seed

Matcha(Japanese Green Tea) with Calendula Powder
(knowing the tea solution will be darkened by mixing with high PH soap mixture so I actually had Green Chromium Oxide to make sure it turns greenish)

This one is an accident color, I dropped some Pink Clay in the soap mixture... well, guess I'll just keep it.

Mixing the frosting with Pearly White Mica.  Until it got really thick then fill my piping bag.

TA-DA,  here comes my "Friendship Cake".
Since hubby was not home when I made the cake, I was not able to take pictures while decorating my toppings.

A close-up before it went into my cabinet.  After 1 day or 2, will slice this lovely yummy cake.


  1. That looks absolutely lovely! Your detail on the top is incredible.

    1. Thank you so much... soaping, in a way, for me it's a therapy and a run-away... always