Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Shelf Life of Handmade Soap

One of the most frequently asked questions is the shelf life of handmade soaps.  In my opinion there is not a standard answer.  Many factors impart shelf life of a handmade soap such as oil/butter, additives & storage conditions.

A week ago I found a bar in my closet and has been forgotten for quite some time.  I had to go back to my soap-making log and was surprised that it was made in March 2010.  It was shrink-wrapped and labeled and still in very good shape though the color has been faded a little bit.  But it still smells good.  Driven by the eagerness I took it to my shower.  Even though the scent had become mild and the bar is a bit smaller and hard, but all qualities a good handmade soap are there.  Things that brings you smile & happiness and this is one of them.

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