Friday, May 17, 2013

Make your own labels

The other days I was wandering around those blogs I read always then stumble on this one, telling details of how to make your own "professional looking" label.

I was so grateful.  It's these people who are so generous to share their professional & experiences.  One of the biggest thanks and appreciation from my heart, especially a person came from the other country and rooted on her second home land, and, actually the place she has been staying even longer than her origin.

Let me not to stray from the label thing, here is the link to this lovely lady and I believe it had light up many other's heart:

Since I'm expressing my gratitude, here are people I've never met but received their warmth thru the internet world.  For me they are the mentors that make the world so beautiful.  They are:

Anne-Marie Faiola
Ruth Esteves
Rosemary Gladstar

I know there are far more great people out there.  Maybe I should find a good sunny day, with a good-old herb tea and peaceful hours, I would write down all these magnificent people in my life.......

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