Monday, November 4, 2013

Puppies are finally here !

We love dogs and so much so, we decided to breed our female Maltese Danielle.  4 years ago we bred Danielle's mom and kept Danielle.  We called her Niel and enjoyed so much of her companion.  she's daddy's girl and brought happiness and laughter all the time.

What we did not expect is that the puppies grew so big and she was not able to deliver.  Ended up that we have to take her to the vet and they had to do a surgery in the middle of the night. Oh my poor baby.  She lost the 1st one since it was stocked there for too long.  3 hours with the vet, we returned home with 3 puppies, 2 male & 1 male.  All of them are overweight.

 Next day after the surgery.  The mom is still not really herself yet.

2 days later.  She was still very weak and did not have enough milk for the babies.  We cooked special food for her.  Watched her closely and I had to get ups several times a night..... boy I guess I'm bit too old for this.  Puppies all stick with mom like 24 hours a day.  They even slept with her nipple in the mouth.

Day 6, they finally could sleep without sticking to Mom's tummy.
Sleep tight.
Ohhhhh cute little faces.

One more week, the eyes will open, new hair will come out.  It's gonna be more fun.


  1. Oh my! They are sooooooooo cute and adorable!!!!! <3
    Congrats Jessie! :)

    1. Puppy charm, simply can't resist right?

  2. Oh my CUTE! Need more puppy pics!!! :D

    1. Stay tune. Will be back with more pics :)