Saturday, November 19, 2011

On the curing rack

An all-time thing bothers me the most is the soap dust (like the 3rd photo), I hate to put a film right on the surface.  Look like it's the only way I can avoid the soap dust but it leaves tracks & wrinkles of the film and would not keep the natural shape(such as waves).....


  1. Gorgeous soaps once again! It helps to spray the surface of the soap with rubbing alcohol if you want to cut down on the "dust" (ash) that sometimes forms. It will also leave a nice gloss on the top of your soap. I just hate it when a beautiful surface gets covered up by that stuff!

  2. When do you spray? right after pouring the mixture into mold or after un-molding? I also most got it with all my batches, so annoying.... :(