Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Oat Milk, Honey & Calendula Soap

End of this month, I'm going back to my home town to see my parents which gives me a good reason to my crave doing more soap & other stuff.

I want a soap full of natural moisturizer with humectant and soothing character.  A honey oatmeal soap I made some time ago had a sweet, cookie-like scent and was a popular one so I decided to have it back.

First is to soak oatmeal in hot water for few hours than extract the milk with cheese cloth than pour into ice cube mold.  Also in the batch I have a jar of infused calendula olive oil which has been sitting on my bay-view window for almost half a year with a warm golden color.

Now I'm all ready to do my soap.....

  Oat milk as ice cube.  Add sodium hydroxide slowly.

 See the lye powder from the upper left corner.

Oat milk cube starts to melt, no smoke no any bad scent, not even color change, surprisingly.

Melting liquid, but still holds a shinny, silky and thick texture.
All melted.  The liquid is dense and thick.

After mixing the lye solution and oil, honey is added at light trace; I then separate it into three parts.  One to mix with colloidal oatmeal, another one to add chopped calendula petals and the rest to add titanium oxide as my frost top.

Soap in the mold with a glitter sprinkles and now resting in my insulation box.  Tomorrow morning will be fine for me to get it out of the mold which is always the "whistle" time for me.... :)

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