Sunday, December 11, 2011

The greatest thing before X'Mas

It’s definitely the greatest thing before X’Mas! 

For long time I’d want to sponsor a child who’s in desperate need of help.  My husband and I do not have children.  We have 5 dogs & some chickens and a backyard filled with vegetables & fruit trees.  Our small woodworking shop had been impacted & suffered by the economy downturn for several years.  Seems like it will still be a long way for the economy to return, I just decided not to wait anymore.

About two weeks ago, I signed up at as a sponsor for a child.  I want a little girl from China cause we can communicate in Chinese.  Today the mail man brought a packet with my little girl’s picture & a brief instruction of her and it just lights up my day.

Suddenly this Christmas holiday becomes so meaningful.  I feel grateful for what I have and God has been taken care of us.  Now I want to pass it out what I'm able to do.

This is my little girl.  Her name is Huan Wang, 5 year old, from a very poor farmer's family with a sister.  She is not in school yet but I hope she will be able to go in a short time.

Best thing is you do not need to have big bucks to help these kids, just $35 a month and it can change a kid's life.  If you happen to view my blog, please consider to give a little a chance of better life.  Go to this website World Vision to know how you can help a child.

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