Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Oat Milk, Honey & Calendula Soap Cuttint

Finally have it cut last Sunday.  I had a little problem with my cutting tool but I was so eager to see how the soap will be, as always, cannot wait.... so I just cut it, visually measurement :)

And it looks nice, like a delicious cake slice and a yummy aroma blended with a bit sweet scent (from the honey I guess).  Ohhh how I feel like to bring it to the shower right away !  

Obviously my photographing skill needs to be improved :)  
Soap mixture is Oat Milk with oil ( including calendula infused olive)/
The bottom part mixed with fine colloidal oatmeal; French Green clay inbetween the layers;then the soap mixture with chopped calendula pedals; topped Kaolin mixture & glitter.

Definitely another happy day.


  1. I think it's really beautiful! I like the textures and flecks and the white tops. I'm sure it smells delicious, too!

  2. Actually I was inspired by your post. I did similar oatmeal soap before but not the oat milk way as you did. The way you extract the milk it does preserve the best of the oatmeal itself. Thanks a lot for sharing :) ♥♥♥