Friday, December 23, 2011

Last soap-making of the year

Two days later, I'll be on my way home to see my parents(about 7 thousand miles).  Since my high school years I have been away from them and got further away along the lateral years.  Among so many things to prepare for the trip, I still cannot help to stop my crave to make one more batch of soap :)

This is an unscented coconut milk soap, embedded with some grainy left over from my X'Mas soap batches.
Slab out of mold

soap bar

 With the leftover soap mixture, I added pink mica to make frosting on a cupcake base.  These cake bases were made from the previous Oatmeal Milk soap (with calendula infused oil & chopped calendula petals).

By the end of my picture taking, I cannot help to take another picture of my little darling.  She's two years old now but still acts like a puppy :)

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