Thursday, January 12, 2012

Home Again - Street Food

Street food, one thing that roots deep within one's soul for all the life, can be easily awakened by the returning journey.  Accompanied by the familiar shape, color & aroma, street food has the power of lightening up & cheering up one's emotion........

If I'm gonna translate this stand, I'd call it a "Flour Thread Thick Soup".  Texture of the soup is pretty much like "chowder" but it's thicken by corn starch & sweet potato powder instead of flour.

Major ingredients are: Flour Noodle(thin as thread),  Fresh Oyster, Pig inner, spices.

BBQ Pork, Chicken & Sea Weeds, yumm !

Yunnan Rice Noodle Soup (雲南米干) - Yunnan is a province in China, famous for its rice and spices.  Its food was passed along by immigrants from Yunnan, China to Taiwan Island long time ago during civic war.

 Sea Food Stand - I have to enlarge the photo so you can see the individual material pre-arranged but it won't be cooked until customer's pick.  This a a stand at a marina.

NanLiao Marina (南寮漁港) .

Whitebait Soup(銀魚羹) .


A journey, filled with hugs, food, drink, chat & laughter.  Paradise already.


  1. OMG, how I would love to be there also!!!
    Greetings from cold, rainy Germany, Angela

    1. Hey Angela, thanks for visiting. Taiwan, where I was born & raised, is a little island where its food variety & agriculture(esp its vegetable & fruit) is extraordinarily excellent. Am back in US now. I wish I had taken pictures of the fruit..... Will post photos of some restaurant. Stay tuned :)

      Cold & rainy? what's the temperature out there?