Friday, January 13, 2012

Home Again - Resturant

What is the thing people would never miss when you have good time?  Food & drink.  Other than that, you will have conversation, music, decoration or something else.  I'm not sure about other races but we, Chinese, just LOVE to eat.  Especially when you return home from far, invitations from friends & relatives will not be complete without meal.  On top of lunch & dinner, there will be early dim-sum breakfast, snacks between meals, late night light meal.....

Here are photos of some resturant we went:

A big picture of founder (about 30 years ago) 

Famous Pork-Sauce-Over-Rice

Fried Fish, To Fu, Bamboo Shoot & Pork Rib Soup

 On the isle to restroom, the wall is decorated with pictures & description of how an antique bicycle is restored in the memory of the old founder.

Another restaurant famous with all kinds of snacks & deserts.  Before entering the restaurant, you get to see people working.  From left to right, wrapping dumpling, wrapping steam bun, steaming dumpling & bun.

Wrapping the fried dumpling.

Weighing the steam bun before the swirl-seal the top.  Every bun has same weight & exactly 18 folds to be of same texture & quality.

 The famous steam bun.

It's a Michelin 1-Star rate restaurant.

 Sample Dish Display

Steam Buns Gift Package

Rice Pudding

 Got to stop now, am getting so starving..... oooh the food.

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