Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What I have been doing lately

It's been 2 weeks back in the States now.  I have not had the mood to do my soap nor bath & body things.  Could be that horrible jet lag, the Chinese New Year holiday or a combination of both? :(

To keep it as a track of my life......things made me busy during the past 2 weeks:

Making Regime Wine, from left to right, Bitter Melon, Black Bean & Sesame, mixture of Wolfberry/
Chrysanthemum/Chinese Dates.  They will be ready in 1 month (hmm, sounds a bit familiar, same period for CP soap to cure)

Sprouting - heading for a healthier diet for year 2012
Close-Up of above: mixed leafy greens new sprouts

Broccoli sprouts
This year we were invited to attend a "Pot Luck" Chinese New Year(1/24/2012) dinner.  A lot of handcraft was taken to make only one dish:
Veg Salad, from this........cilantro, garlic sprout, red chilli(a real powerful one), scallion, ginger root(not shown), celery, crispy turnip, carrot(now shown), olive oil

To this.  Finish cold dish to be stored in the ref for overnight.
I also tried a special "XO Scallop Sauce" which requires a lot work also.
Ingredients: dried scallop, dried tiny shrimp, chopped Chinese style bacon, dried squid, red onion, red chilli, pepper & garlic

Finish & ready to eat after 3 hours of working.
For Chinese, the holidays are not really done yet.... we have at least 3 more dinners to go in the following week, ooooh, boy!!  I'd better take good control of myself otherwise the scale is gonna go up, up & up....

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