Sunday, January 29, 2012

Soap Swap with Anita

Having traveled for a week, Anita's soap arrived on a wonderful Saturday.  This is my first soap swap based on a major reason is that she comes from the same little Asian island as me, Taiwan.  She was featured in one of Cocobang's soap review and had a very good score there(Anita's La La Land).  I'm very proud of her.

In the package she included shampoo bar, body bar and lip butter.

I cannot wait but to grab the shampoo bar and jump to my shower.

Being a soaper myself, her shampoo does do wonders, not only with creamy lather & silky touching, it suits and treats my hair so much that I don't even need to use my conditioner as I normally would.  The ingredients are noticably high percentage of soft oils and I think the botanical additive also does the wonders at the same time.

I also enjoyed her lip butter very much.  Moisturizing & nourishing as it should be.  No greasing feeling at all.  All and all, her skills and her love for natural ingredients are outstanding :)  Good job!

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  1. Oh, thank you Jessie! I am so thrilled that you like the soaps and enjoy them, yeah!! :D I am still sitting at my front door and waiting for your parcel, just can't wait! ha ha ha