Monday, May 21, 2012

Cold Process? Hot Process?

A friend of mine called the other day and asked if I can make some soap with lower PH.  In a class she attended teaching natural Health & Skin Care topics, the instructor pointed if a handmade soap could be made in a lower PH form, the soap would be much much better than just regular handmade soap.  The reason is our skin is about 4.5-6PH, and the difference between the low PH of skin and the high PH of natural cold process soap 8-10PH and the incompatibility is what causes drying to the skin.

So I started to google around, wondering if this is practically true.....  even though I was not able to find any proof or confirmation of this theory up to now.  I did make two batches of Crock Pot Hot Process Soap for the reason that a hot process soap would result in lower PH when it's done cooking.

Colored with Bramble Berry Grape LabColor and scented with 65% Lavender, 25% Sweet Orange & 10 % Patchouli.  You have to smell really hard to feel the lightest scent of sweet orange & patchouli.  But I find these two essential oil do make the lavender standing out and became more attractive & appealing versus a its single tone.

Clay Trio: Colored with French Red Clay, French Green Clay & Rhassoul Clay.  
Blended scent of 45% Rosemary, 23% Patchouli, 16% Clary Sage & 16% Peppermint.
An nice, clean, herbal & super soothing scent.  (oh I love love essential oil!!)

Few days later, I gave a try on both soaps.  My skin almost cannot tell the difference.  Maybe I'm a bit on the dull side (not very sensitive, but my skin definitely can distinguish from the shop sold "fast" soap, M&P soap & the cold process soap).  It'd be interesting to know what the other soapers feel about......


  1. These soaps are absolutely lovely, you did an amazing job with the coloring!

    1. Thank you. Soap-making is always endless fun pack...