Saturday, May 26, 2012

Lavender Magic

"I have to write it down, at least, it's my deep deep appreciation to the selfless, wonderful nature"  This idea has popped in my brain so many times while I was driving.  I have to write it down.

If you could imagine this picture: a woman behind the wheel, takes out a perfume oil roll-on, rub the perfume oil on the back of her hand and has her hand right under her nose, then here comes that "real deep" sniffing & breathing while she's driving.  You would think something wrong with that weird woman.... Yep, that's me.  The majorly lavender scent works for me perfectly, the second it enters my nose, spells that magical soothing, calming and relaxing trick on me.  My mood would melt down like a fluffy air, calming and spreading into a peaceful, crisp and clean joy.  For me, it's not a perfume oil anymore.  It's an aromatherapy-on-the-go.  My own body temperature boosts the essential oil molecule and pops to my olfactory bud then to my brain.  (believe it or not... hubby would say "give me some of that good smelling stuff" when we drive together)

Few years ago I got this recipe from internet. A very simple & basic recipe to make perfume oil.  If you have these ingredients handy, give it a try and I guarantee it you won't regret.  Here is my recipe of my Lavender wonder:

0.29 oz  Golden Jojoba Oil
70 Drop  EO Lavender 40/42  (mid note)
25 Drop  EO Bergamot, Mint  (top note)
15 Drop  EO Pink Grapefruit   (top note)

This will make 2 ea 0.15 oz Roll-on bottle.  Mix ingredients and shake well.  Keep at dark place for at least 7 days for all ingredients to mellow together.  Shake everyday if you remember.  Bottle and enjoy.

You can try Bergamot Citrus instead of Bergamot Mint.  The result is a bit different but still good.  This blend will last long on your skin due to these essential oil nature (top & med tone).

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