Friday, June 29, 2012

Herbal Castille Soap

May 19, I made a batch of herbal Castile and had a post on 5/30.  It was like this, two days after the mold:
 You can see it has the semi-transparent part which is very soft like a cake.  Picture below is 40 days old on the curing rack:

The whole body turns smooth cream like soap, weight is noticeably lighter.  Guess that Castile soap with high percentage of olive oil does retains more moisture.

Interestingly I made another batch by end of May, changed the liquid by adding Chinese tea with the other herbs, the soap turned really dark because of the tea:

20 days later, the soap color does not change a lot, but getting much hard and smells really good:

 Cannot hold myself but throw one under the water and try them.  Both are incredibly good, especially with that slippery moisturizing touch.  Soooo good :)