Thursday, July 26, 2012

What can make you happier as a soaper?

What can make a handcraft soap maker happier than learning that someone likes her soap?  It's like a chef's big smile seeing people enjoy his/her food, but still with that licking and wanting look in their eyes....

Very early this morning, with my morning coffee, I was sitting in front of my computer as usual, reading emails and stuff.  One of my returning customer left a message regarding the "pie" soap order he just received.  His words, short but powerful, sparkles whole day of sunshine.  This is how he humorously encourages me in the soaping thing:

"◘ Jessie,Once again,simply ♥beautiful♥,works of art.Gave a slice of pie to a lady friend,and she was going to eat it.I was half tempted to watch her blow bubbles!!!...But I warned her that it was "Desert soap,and good clean fun.☺☺☺..Thank-You . Thanks for the Joy-ful Extras too !!!"

Between my peer soap-makers, there are so many excellent artists out there.  I admire & respect so much to their talent and perseverance.  And I'm grateful especially for people such as this customer, without their applause, handmade artists will be really lonely sometimes, though creation itself is tremendous reward, but still, applause motivates strength and energy along the way.

Blessings to all !!


  1. Good for you! That was super nice of him to remind you how talented you are!