Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What EO can do to coloring your soap?

Among my best sellers, "Wave" has been a long-time star due to its scent & appealing color.  I use about 10% Shea Butter so it's also very moisturizing.  Its close-to-translucent jewelry blue is kind of crispy and its citrus-sweet scent is very uplifting.  Since I'm all out of it, I decided to do a new batch but adding a little Oakmoss Essential Oil to it.  This picture is my old version without Oakmoss EO:

Even this one, in different batch, the color still is vibrant.  Ultramarine Blue is used for the blue part & Ultramarine Violet for the purple:

Here is how the Oakmoss makes the darker, brownish, turquoise shade out the blue:
(see how the Ultramarine Blue, becomes a  moss blue and a light blue becomes a olive mist and the Titanium Dioxide becomes creamy)

But this is always the best part, I like it, though not really what I expected.  Ant the scent is great, it bursts with the citrus charm of Lime, Sweet Orange, Litsea into your nasal, followed by the light subtle sweet of Oakmoss and finished with the base note of Clove & Patchouli.  Oh another beautiful day.  Couldn't be happier :)


  1. I totally love how it turned out! It can be fun to play with scents that change the color of your soap a bit, sometimes it isn't what you expected, but it turns out even better! :)

    1. Exactly it's amazing how the particular essence of nature could effect the whole "feel"! Thank you.

  2. I have just discover your blog! You make beautiful soaps, Jessie!

  3. Thank you Natalia. I've been one of your fans & followers for a while :) :) and I love your style.