Thursday, August 23, 2012

Satisfaction of Your Own Soul

My own definition though.... soapers who are not able to control themselves, most likely are to feed their own hunger of creativity and the craving inside that always urge for more.... more soaping.  At least that totally applies to me.

These are proofs to my theories:

Inspired by Amanda @  Lovingsoap with great thanks.  Brings more fun.
 Scented with Cedarwood, Rosemary & Fir Needle essential oils.  Man, it smells good.
 No idea what I'm gonna call it.  Soap with no name, how's that ¿

From last Sunday:
 In the oil base, I had 24% Hemp Seed Oil.  Maybe because of this, the soap takes long time to harden and it has more creamy texture.  Color by Ultramarine Violet, Red Oxide & Yellow Oxide.
Scented with Geranium, Cypress, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus & Rosemary.  A very unique scent that you smell that floral, herbal & woodtsy notes at the same time.  You can tell the existence of all but still enjoy so much.  Aroma wonder it is.

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  1. Love your version of Amanda's soap, the colors are fabulous. :)