Friday, July 5, 2013

Herbal Remedies - Sleep Tight Tinctures

Here is an update on my Deep Sleep Tincture.  I've been taken this tincture for almost 3 weeks now.  Just 1 tsp before bed and it seems work for me.  (Maybe the vodka is working since I'm a non-alcohol person....?  LOL)

Under the rules of thumb that one should keep a relax mood, doing nothing that gets you too high, not consuming too much liquid.... I found it make me sleep deeper and woke up less in the middle of night.       8/16/2013


In the past few years my sleep disorder had come and go.  Most of time it was triggered by work pressure but sometimes it just come out of nowhere, without the least reason.  Since my mom has similar problem for almost 20 years, I suspect it might come with the genes (yah blame on the genes)!

Normally I would use Melatonin by bed time plus 2 drops EO Blend (Lavender+Chamomile+Marjoram) on my pillow and it works most of the time.  But 1 week ago I started to have trouble to fall asleep, spending almost 2 hours flips-and-flops.  So annoying and I started to think I need other ways to deal with it.  Even though I'm a 100% no-alcohol type of person (not even beers), I want to try if herbal tincture of Rosemary Gladstar's recipe and see if it can help.

By end of June, I made two tinctures:

Lavender Flower + Hops + Valerian Root

Add 80 proof vodka plus the beautiful California sunshine :)

2 inch alcohol over the herbs 

The 2nd tincture is St John Wort + 80 proof vodka but I did not take a picture.

It takes 4~6 weeks for the tincture to be ready...... am so eager to try (not the alcohol part though !)


  1. So excited to see those tinctures you made as I love Rosemary Gladstar's books so much! hahaha I made some and so eager to try them too but it's torturing that have to wait for 4~6 weeks. (maybe we should make more in advance?)

    1. Sometimes I do suspect my urge to make things. A long while ago I made Bitter Melon Tincture, Goji Berry/Chinese Sweet Plum Tincture & Black Sesame/Black Bean Tincture..... guess what, I tried each one, then my tongue get hesitated, due to the taste of alcohol. Ohhhh, I'm a chicken. I swear I'm gonna finish them some days..... cause they are just naturally so good to the health >:<