Monday, August 26, 2013

Aug - Full of Activities

August is a busy month, full of activities.  Under the busy & fast pace, it still flashes to its end.

This month, hubby went fishing like crazy.  He was swift among different places such as river, reservoir & ocean.  He's a happy sailor and fisherman.

Fish with no name yet to find

My helper shows off Big Rock Cod
my Jack Russel Terrier is below

24" Ling Cod

Almost 27" Rock Cod

All kinds of Cod

Our friends, employees all get to have their share of these fresh fish for there dinner.  Every body is happy.  Maybe my hubby was a fisherman in his previous life.

As to me, could be a dream weaver.  That's why I'm so fascinated with handmade, though I'm still dreaming about knitting, sewing, making leather item, except things I'm doing already like soap-making, wannabe herbalist & holistic life. 

I'm late with my blog since there are so much things out here.  Yes I'm trying to update it, at least a little a day.......

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